MTV Exclusive ‘American Reunion’ Poster Gets Some (Pie)

The brand new poster for the fourth official “American Pie” movie, “American Reunion,” definitely looks familiar, but there’s something different going on.

First of all, there’s certainly not enough pie to go around to feed all the returning, randy cast members. All of the series’ original stars, including Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Mena Suvari, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Seann William Scott and Chris Klein, are all here, but I don’t think that’s it.

Maybe, it’s because the new poster for “American Reunion” is an exact copy of the first film’s iconic poster. Talk about a nostalgia attack. Everyone is in their old positions from the poster from way back in 1999, except this time Jason Biggs decided to put some clothes on. Be sure to check out the posters side-by-side. There’s definitely a stark difference. It has been 13 years since the original “Pie,” and, my, how time has passed!

Michelle’s infamous flute is nowhere to be seen and has been replaced by a baby bottle. That’s probably because in the new movie she and Jim have settled down from their former lives of sensual baking and kinky band camp participation and are now proud parents.

When East Great Falls High’s reunion rolls around, it’ll be time for all our favorite characters to get back together and remember what it was like to be a crazy high school kid again. We’ve already seen two trailers from the upcoming movie, and it’s clear that it isn’t that hard for them to slip back into their old patterns.

“American Reunion” opens in theaters on April 6, 2012.