To the next step…

Thomas Nicholas Band brings you the #FratParty World Tour which will be going across the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

Thomas Ian Nicholas was in one of your favorite 90’s movies and now his 90’s rock band brings the FRAT PARTY from the film to the stage. Raise your red cups to ‘the next step’ while Thomas Nicholas Band plays their original songs and some of your favorite covers from the ‘American Pie’ soundtrack album.

You remember him as Kevin Meyers but after you party with TNB you’re gonna be singing along to their single ‘My Generation’ which was included on “American Pie: the Reunion” soundtrack album.

(Watch the official music video here)

Recently, Thom has teamed up with Matt Kennedy (the Dangerous Summer, the Graduate) to produce their latest album ‘Frat Party’

“…‘FratParty’ is something we came up with after our song, “My Generation” was included on the ‘American Reunion’ soundtrack album.”

Musically, Thom draws on a solid crop of influences – from Oasis to Foo Fighters – that have helped him learn the art of writing a pop song while keeping a foot in rock and roll.

On the new album, Thom explains – “’FratParty’ is something we came up with after our song, “My Generation” was included on the ‘American Reunion’ soundtrack album. We love the 90’s and we’ve grown up listening to all of these bands. Over the last 8 years we’ve released 5 original albums, this one is the perfect cross over of my two careers and we were lucky enough to record it at FooFighter’s Studio 606, so making this album was almost as fun as a real frat party.”

With so much time and energy being put into his new music career, you’ll still have a chance to see him on the silver screen in 3 new films. Nicholas portrays Walt Disney in the current movie “Walt Before Mickey,” about the struggles of Walt‘s early life and career. He produced/starred in the upcoming “The Lost Tree” with Michael Madsen and Lacey Chabert. You’ll also see him as Martin Scorsese in “Zeroville” with James Franco, Megan Fox, Seth Rogen and Will Ferrell. In 2017, Nicholas will be heading to New Orleans to star in the upcoming SyFy flick entitled “Trailer Park Shark”

“I’m honored to portray Walt Disney in the beginning of his career, to share his perseverance and passion despite early failed attempts toward creating his ultimate dream”

While we wait to see if there will ever be another American Pie sequel, having a Frat Party with TNB is the next best thing. Let’s raise our red cups to ‘the next step’