Aran Khan shot these photos during our FRAT PARTY UK tour in September 2015 from our first show @ Aston Uni in Birmingham.

















TNB concert CUBS vs METS

Thomas Nicholas Band will be performing at HVAC across the street from Wrigley field after game 4 of the NLCS Cubs vs Mets on Wed Oct 21st


NEXT STOP: Austria for a the COMMON GROUND tour w/ James Cottriall


Walt Before Mickey opens nation in Select Theaters this Friday September 4th, 2015.

Thomas Ian Nicholas will be doing a special MEET&GREET on Monday September 7th from 12pm – 1:30pm.

Bring your movie ticket stub for a FREE signed mini poster of Walt Before Mickey


WALT BEFORE MICKEY theatrical debut this FRIDAY, August 14th at AMC Downtown Disney Orlando.


3 FREE hometown concerts in Las Vegas Thurs, Fri and Sat

Thurs – July 23 – Inspire (rooftop) – Downtown
Fri – July 24 – The Green Room – Spring Valley (Acoustic)
Sat – July 25 – Hard Rock Cafe – Paradise


TNB to play Glastonbury Fetival in the UK on Friday June 26th on the West Holts Bar Stage at 9:30pm

Security Music Video

Catherine and Louis exchange silent glances as their own means

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